Download our simplified GCSE PE NEA Criteria for AQA, Edexcel & OCR

We've put together these simplified criteria for the PE GCSE coursework component.

Our simplified criteria are available as downloads to give you and your pupils an easy-to-follow overview of the course requirements, needs of each component, and actions for students to move forward. These can be used in lessons and 1-2-1 conversations with your students. CentreLogoPE-Resources-1819-v4

What's included in the downloads?

Simply fill in the form, and then choose which exam board to download.


  • Level Descriptors (Teacher Resource) - Both Analysis and Evaluation Criteria

  • Performance Analysis: student self-assessment sheet (Blank)

  • Performance Analysis: student self-assessment sheet (Example)


  • Level Descriptors (Teacher Resource)

  • PEP: student self-assessment sheet (Blank)


  • Student Break Down - Both for Practical Individual & Team Sports

  • AEP student self-assessment sheet (Blank)

  • AEP student self-assessment sheet (Example)