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Exam Board Specific Tracking for 2 Subject Areas

As part of our Evergreen partnership with PiXL, we can offer all member schools access to Pupil Progress. This will allow your teachers to diagnose any curriculum weaknesses and plan more targeted lessons to deliver better outcomes for your students. 

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To discuss "Maximising your PiXL membership with Pupil Progress" we would be delighted to arrange a meeting.

Pupil Progress will "sharpen the conversations" between leaders, teachers, students and their parents.


Track Progress

Ready-to-use Exam Board specific trackers that calculate the grade exactly as the exam board does, giving confidence to all strategic planning.


Maximise Your Impact

Add your own assessments at question level analysis (QLA) to identify the gaps in students' knowledge. Know exactly what to teach next lesson.


Support Your Teams

Reduce the workload with the tools needed to provide meaningful data with reports showing students the breakdown of their grades and where to improve.  

No application process, financial details or additional actions are needed. Simply create an account, choose your subjects and start tracking today!
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Every school with a 2022-23 PiXL membership is able to select 2 new subject areas from Pupil Progress. These 2 Full Suite subscriptions are a benefit of your PiXL membership and therefore there is no extra cost to you or your school.

For further details see our FAQ's

FAQs - PiXL-enabled subscription