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Every school with a PiXL membership can use our trackers for English and Maths at zero cost.

We also offer cost effective packages for our tracking and monitoring for 5 subjects and at Whole School level. Your PiXL membership entitles you to those all-important savings and discounts. 

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What do I get from PiXL Waves by entering my data on Pupil Progress?
  • Student reports with QLA and topic summary
  • Live analysis of your results broken down by grade and student contextual information
  • National PiXL report highlighting patterns, common challenges and targeted resources to address identified issues
  • Supporting resources from PiXL, based on areas of need 

Can you confirm that no school names would be shared with other schools?
Pupil Progress will provide PiXL with aggregated data from each school. PiXL will not share individual school results with any other schools. 
What will the data look like when we compare ourselves to other schools?
You will be able to directly compare your data in Pupil Progress with the PiXL Waves national average. It will show as a row at the top of the tracker so you can directly compare it against your class, cohort or a target group of students. You will be notified of the go-live date of this development and when you have access to it.

The PIXL Waves report will be published to highlight specific trends, areas of focus and action points based on in-depth analysis of the national data.
We’re already using Pupil Progress. What do we need to do?
You are all set-up already, so just add your assessment data to Pupil Progress before the Waves date and we’ll make sure it is a part of the PiXL Waves reports. We’d also advise checking that only your mock papers you want to use for the wave are set to Count Towards Grade.
Can you use hybrid papers - some questions from one and some from another?
Yes, you can use the Copy and Edit Assessment tool to quickly copy one assessment, then edit it to make your own hybrid paper linked to all the curriculum statements with QLA linked to course AO’s or curriculum statements.
Can Pupil Progress host remote training for a group or trust of staff, and what resources are available for support?
Full training is part of the package. The wide range of support options available includes:
  • Support articles (accessible from the help center by clicking the blue icon in the bottom right corner)
  • Featured tours 
  • Live and 'watch on demand' webinar sessions 
  • Support Team available via live chat and bookable for 1-2-1 sessions
Is PiXL Waves powered by Pupil Progress available only for English and Maths? What if I want more subjects, the whole school or a trust?
As part of our evergreen partnership with PiXL, we are offering full access to our platform for English and Maths at zero cost.

As a result, you will be able to access the full functionality of the software for these two subjects.

Special rates can be secured for up to five subject areas and at Whole School level with your membership also and we can cater to whole schools and trust, just book a discovery call and we will find the right solution for you.
How do you ensure equity across all of the schools when comparing data as a result of the papers chosen? If schools are selecting their own papers how can we compare this data?
PiXL are advising that schools taking part in Waves should use the June 2023 paper in November, and the November 2023 paper in March. This will give you the most relevant comparison. You can however choose any published assessment. This is because PiXL Waves Powered by Pupil Progress will compare the following for English; each question (they follow the same stem each year) and the AO1-6. For Maths, the questions in each paper will be linked to the curriculum statement; these will be analysed and compared.
What is the deadline for my data to be entered into the class trackers?
We are encouraging as many schools and MAT Connect Trusts to take part by 4th Dec 2023 and/or by 25th March 2024, to gain maximum insight across the network. We recommend using Summer 2023 papers in the Autumn and the November papers in Spring 2024. We trust the flexibility of the offer will support you, alongside the other enhancements to the offer that this partnership will bring. Following these dates, the PiXL Curriculum Team will begin analysing the data, in advance of the PiXL Waves Update info session on the 10th January, which you can book onto here
When do I expect to receive a response from PiXL with the resources?

Resources are always available on the PiXL website via your member login, so you can enter your data on Pupil Progress, identify your learners' improvement areas, and take action right away. It’s best to go to the Subject and Tools area on the Homepage and then select the subject and download the navigation document.

For additional, specific support around resources, email admin@pixl.org.uk. PiXL’s first report for Year 11 will be published on January 10th. This information will be stored here. At this session, we will share key headlines from the data analysis, launch the reports and explore PiXL resource to support you in the way forward. These resources will aim to support common areas of need - you can book onto the PiXL Waves info session with the PiXL Curriculum Team on the 10th January to find out more about this and different ways to use our resources for impact, via this link.

What do I get from Pupil Progress as a PiXL Member school?

As part of our evergreen partnership with PiXL, we are offering full access to our platform for English and Maths at zero cost.

As a result, you will be able to access the full functionality of the software for these two subjects.

Special rates can be secured for up to five subject areas and at Whole School level with your membership also.

Are you GDPR compliant?

We are fully compliant with all GDPR regulations. Specifically for the education sector.

Below are the links to our privacy policy, terms of service and a direct link to download our GDPR compliance summary

Why is this offer in place?

Both PiXL and Pupil Progress believe in the importance of providing meaningful data to improve teaching and learning. As such PiXL believe that this tracking software will help improve student outcomes.

The belief and passion behind this partnership is to support as many students and teachers as possible, and we're thrilled to announce that Pupil Progress are now powering The PiXL Waves.

My subject currently has a free 1-month trial running, do I qualify?

Yes, when you login, visit the subscription page on Pupil Progress to convert your free trial to a PiXL-enabled subscription.

How long is the subscription?

Your PiXL-Enabled subscription will initially be set to run until the 31st of August 2023. It will be extended upon the school renewing your PiXL membership, and with the continuation of our Evergreen Partnership. 

We will not ask for financial details at any point, and there will be no obligation to subscribe to Pupil Progress at the end of the subscription.

We may ask you to confirm that you wish to continue your PiXL-Enabled subscription from 2021/22 into 2022/23.  Contact support@pupilprogress.com or use the live chat should you have any questions.

Is there an application process?

There is no application process or additional actions required to activate your subscription; just start by creating an account.

If your school is on our register of PiXL members then you will be able to select your 2 subjects for a PiXL-enabled subscription. 

If your school is a PiXL member, but you don't get offered your two PiXL-Enabled Subscriptions when you sign up then contact us and we will ensure you do.

Are there any additional conditions?

Whilst there is no monetary cost attached in any way to your school, we do have our own costs associated with a school's use of the platform.

As such, we ask that you engage with the platform regularly uploading classes and data in line with your normal assessment schedule.

We will be checking usage and if there is no activity or use of the system then we will reach out to request the removal of the subscription so that another department area can benefit from the service.

Am I locked into anything?

There is no commitment to this whatsoever. If you register and decide that this opportunity will be better suited for someone else in your school then simply email us (support@pupilprogress.com), or use our chatbot functionality to request that you cancel the subscription. You will receive an email confirmation once actioned.

What happens if I sign up, but don't use the system?

Not only will you be missing out on the benefits Pupil Progress brings, you may also be blocking another subject area from using the support we are offering.

If you decide that it is not for you, please do get in touch so we can remove the subscription from your subject and offer it to another subject area. We'd also really appreciate to hear your feedback too so we can improve our service.

We simply wish for this to be used; we have worked very hard to support those using the system. As such, we hope that those registering will respect this effort and if unable to utilise it, that it would be fair to provide a fellow teacher who wishes to use Pupil Progress a similar opportunity.

What happens if my school's PiXL membership expires?

If your school's membership with PiXL expires so will the access to our platform at zero cost. We will retain all of your classes and data as detailed in our Terms of Service so you can download any data you have on the platform. 

If you wish to continue using Pupil Progress after cancelling or ending your PiXL membership, you can choose to convert to a paid subscription with Pupil Progress. There is no obligation to continue your subscription or switch to a paid subscription. 

To discuss a paid for subscription please call 01273 257133 or email support@pupilprogress.com.

Do additional subject areas qualify outside a paid subscription? 

Absolutely, the system allows any 2 additional subject areas to use the PiXL-enabled subscription in addition to any paid subscriptions of Pupil Progress.

For example if a school was paying for 3 subject areas and decided to utilise the PiXL enabled subscription the school would  be able to use 5 areas |Paying for 3, then using 2 additional through the PiXL subscription

Can I pause or extend a paid subscription to join the PiXL-subscription?

No, you cannot pause, replace or extend current or expired subscriptions with this offer. Only new subject areas that have not had a paid subscription before can sign-up to the PiXL Subscription. 

Our aim is to allow more teachers and students to benefit from the service Pupil Progress provides. If you find Pupil Progress useful, please share your experience with other subject leaders and encourage them to use the PiXL-enabled subscription for their subject.

You may even be able to use it as an opportunity to discuss which budget your Pupil Progress subscription is funded by!

Do I have to start the subscription in September?

You can sign up for the PiXL enabled subscription at any time of the year. 

We do anticipate this being popular so if you feel that this would be of use we recommend taking up the opportunity.

What do I do if I have questions?

Email Support; If you have any questions, simply email support@pupilprogress.com, someone within the team will get back to you within 24-48 hours upon receipt.

Chatbot/Live support; Upon registering, you will also be able to use the chat function to ask a member of our team. 

Training; We run weekly bespoke training to demonstrate and support use. To discuss and make arrangements call 01273 257133, use the Live Chat or email support@pupilprogress.com.


I used a previous PiXL and Pupil Progress offer to opt into 2 other Pupil Progress subjects at no cost to my school. Do I still get to use these as well as sign up to complimentary English and maths subscriptions in 2023-24?

If you engage with the PiXL Waves, for the PiXL 2023-24 membership year, you will be able to keep the additional subjects from the PiXL-Enabled offer. This is only in place for those those subjects have been engaging with the PiXL-Enabled offer fully.

For those that haven't, the only subjects available are English and Maths.

Beyond that, Pupil Progress will contact you regarding their terms.

It is likely you would need to purchase licenses via Pupil Progress from September 2024.

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